ACK Picnics is at its core an event company & we found it is best to leave the cooking to the professionals! This gives our clients the most versatility & variety. We have many amazing local restaurants & food vendors we recommend. Included in your picnic reservation is a food/beverage pick up from a location of your choice. Food cost is not included in the price of your picnic reservation. The client is responsible for placing the order directly with restaurant of choice. You can order any type of cuisine from anywhere on the island given a reasonable time frame between pickup and your reservation. We pick up the order & have it ready on location so you don't have to lift a finger. Some of our clients have opted to provide the food themselves or work with a private chef. The best part is the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Yes, given a reasonable amount of time is allotted between pick up and your reservation. If you are unfamiliar with the island we have many recommendations for specific restaurants in certain areas to make logistics easiest.

Yes! If you would like to do the cooking at home we would be happy to facilitate the rest.

We proudly do not have single use disposable plastic tableware. Our cutlery is real metal & our plates, cups, and chargers are high end reusable non-ceramic material. Glass is not permitted on public beaches in Nantucket.

Due to Nantucket Public Beach permitting there are some restrictions on where set ups are allowed. You can choose from our list of preferred locations all around the Island of Nantucket provided at the time of booking. Picnics can also be set up at home or at a location of your choice (fees or restrictions may apply)

No, we will greet you at your arrival & return by the time the reservation is over. Full service picnics can be provided, please inquire for more information.

Yes, We allow a +/- 20 min. grace period. If you wish to leave prior to the arranged time please contact us 30 minutes in advance. You will still be responsible for all items until we are able to return.

You can take your picnic flower arrangements home for a small additional fee per arrangement.

Do to permitting restrictions we require a two week cancelation notice. If for any reason a cancellation is needed for your event/rental. We will gladly reschedule for a different date. Any amount paid will stay on your account as a credit to be used for a future event or service provided by us. This includes cancellations for location problems, time slots, and staff availability.

If the Client cancels the reservation between the time the order was made and 10 days before the scheduled event, a $50.00 penalty fee will be applied.

No refunds for cancelations received 96 hours before the event, or on the basis of bad weather, please check the forecast in advance. We will advise if weather is severe. *Please see next section, for more information on weather.*

There will be a 100% charge for no-shows. If you do not show up for the scheduled Picnic, no refund will be issued, as our ability to fill the reservation will have been lost. The scheduled Picnic will start a the time assigned. If you are running late, the picnic will still start and end at the time slot originally assigned; It will be at our discretion to extend the time. ACK Picnics won't be obligated to prolong or extend the time.

ACK Picnics does its best to advise about weather conditions & accommodate each individual. However it remains the clients responsibility to monitor weather conditions. If you have already booked and later discover it is going to rain, we will always try to accommodate last-minute location changes (e.g. to an indoor location). If we advise about weather conditions, you have up to 48 hours before the event date to decide on alternative arrangements at an indoor location or reschedule the event.

During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.), ACK Picnics reserves the right to cancel the Client’s reservations and request to reschedule to a new date in the future. ACK Picnics will give the client the option to receive the picnic at his/ her own risk if there is severe weather on the day of the event. If renting ACK Picnics unit(s), the Customer agrees to take full responsibility in keeping such units safe and out of reach of the water. If any or all equipment issued suffers sever water damage due to rain, water, or negligence of the Client, Client will be responsible to pay ACK Picnics per damaged item to cover repair costs and restoring of the unit.